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By examining ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances, Graham Lang's novels explore shifting notions of postcolonial African identity and belonging, triggered especially by the deeply conflicted issue of land.  Each of Graham's novels reflects a different aspect of the maelstrom of change in Zimbabwe and South Africa during recent decades - love across the crumbling racial divide during the final bloody decade of apartheid (Clouds like Black Dogs); a family's tragic confrontation with 'war veterans' on a  farm in Zimbabwe (Place of Birth); learning the true lesson of African suffering (Lettah's Gift). Yet each book is also united by the common theme of an emigre's return to a completely transformed 'home'.  Through the eyes of these flawed prodigals, we gain insight into these volatile places; we experience predicaments both banal and perilous. Yet amid chaos and cruelty, we also witness acts of courage and humanity that inspire hope.